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Meet The Woman With The Largest Lips!! (+Photos)

Can lips be that big? This girl beats them all

What makes this woman so special? You must see her photos to understand that. That size of her lips is just shocking!


The name of this girl is unknown. She is a blogger from Afghanistan, and she has an Instagram account with over 40 000 fans on it. And no wonder why people like her. The face of the girl is rather unusual. She is pretty, but her lips are just stunning.

instagram starlady with large lipsAfghanistan blogger


Her blog is called 8gates2paradise, and she certainly takes part in the crazy social media competition of the largest and hugest. These days people with all kinds of unusual figures or body parts become the stars of Instagram or other social media.


This girl is the queen of the largest lips in the world. Some people thought she loves using Photoshop, but it turned out she just loves using the help of the plastic surgeons. The size of her lips is XXX+.

huge lips

We do not know why she decided to have such extraordinary lips, but for now, it seems like they do not make her look ugly. Yes, she looks unusual but pretty. Enjoy the photos.

large lips


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