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Meet Two Most Protected Presidents in Africa with Maximum Security

Presidents are elected by their people to govern the country, so they need maximum protection to do their job well.

All African presidents are heavily guided, but some go extra miles to tighten their security and make sure their safety is guaranteed.

Some the presidents on this list are the presidents that have suffers political unrest in recent years.

In this post post we want to give readers few most protected presidents in Africa

1.President of Zimbabwe (Emmerson Mnangagwa)

Due to political unrest Zimbabwe had suffered in recent years, a lot of security measures have been taken for the president to ensure his safety, especially when he is on official assignment both in and out of the country.

His convoy is usually made of high speed motorcycles and the president ride in armored limousine followed by several presidential guide.

2.President of Cameroon (Paul Biya)

Paul Biya have been the president of Cameroon for 37 years and no attacked have been heard of him since coup,de,tat in 1984.

He rides in armored range rover centinel, which cost approximately US$500,000 and sometimes ride in armored limousine on special occasions. he has one of the impressive motorcade in Africa.

His convoy comprises of high speed land crusers and Mercedes bens S class and more than 20 high speed motorcycle.

He takes more than 20 bodyguard for safety and protection each time and he travels out of the country.

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