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Meet These 15 Strong African Women Who Have Made Impact In All Areas Of Humanity

What many individuals don’t understand is that there are numerous such ladies in Africa. These ladies go well beyond to help their group, guardians, family and the sky is the limit from there. Furthermore, today, we say bravo to 15 of such renegade African ladies:

1. Pili Hussein

She is Tanzania first female miner. In Tanzania, women aren’t allowed access to the mines. So, Hussein disguised herself as a man and went to work. Today, she owns a mining company that employs 70 people.



2. Aisha Bakari Gombi

Gombi is a Nigerian huntress who has turned her skills into hunting members of the Islamic extremist sect, Boko Haram.


3. Bernice Dapaah

Dapaah is a Ghanaian entrepreneur who grows and transforms bamboo into bicycles in her hometown of Kumasi. Her eco-friendly company hopes to reduce pollution and carbon footprint.



4. CaiRollers

This is a roller skating group of women in Cairo, Egypt who are using the sport to challenge Egypt’s deeply held patriarchy and gender inequality.



5. Kiara Nirghin

Nirghin from South Africa invented a polymer that could solve her country’s drought problems. The polymer made from orange peels and avocado skins is capable of storing massive amounts of water enabling farmers to water their crops at minimal costs.



6.  Theresa Kachindamoto

Kachindamoto is a Malawian chief who has broken up over 850 child marriages and is putting an end to sexual initiation of young girls, a practice which often leaves them traumatised and at risk of contracting STDs and HIV


7. Mariam Ibrahim Yusuf 

Yusuf is a Somali refugee who fled to the UK where she advocates for female asylum seekers even though she is homeless herself.



8. Egypt Ify Ufele

Ufele is a young Nigerian girl who was bullied for her weight and looks in the UK. Her response was to create a fashion line for plus sized people.



9. Dieynaba Sidibe

Sidibe is Senegal’s first female graffiti artist who is using her art to fight for gender equality.



10. Abzeita Djigma

Dijima is a Princess from Burkina Faso who runs a Solar company, AbzeSolar, which is bringing power to many rural areas in her country.



11. Aïcha Mekki

The late Mekki was a Moroccan journalist who used her voice and position to shed light on the plights of women in her home country. She died aged 42.



12. Phyllis Omido

Omido is a Kenyan single mum who took on a big smelting company in Mombasa and won after she found her breast milk was contaminated with lead and making her infant sick. Her breast milk was contaminated from where she worked in a smelting factory. She took on the company with no legal training and won. She won the Goldman Environmental Award for her environmental activism.



13. Sisa Abu Daooh

Daooh was voted Egypt’s best mum in 2015. After the death of her husband, Daooh who couldn’t find work decided to live as a man because labourer jobs were forbidden for women. She was able to support her family with her work as a labourer. She lived as a man for 40 years.



14. Fatu Kekula

Kekula was a nursing student at the height of the Ebola crises in Liberia. When her family contracted Ebola, Kekula made a hazmat suit out of trash bags to protect herself and nursed her entire family back to health.



15. Zula Kurahimbi

Kurahimbi is a Rwandan woman who hid over 100 people during the height of the Rwandan Rwandan Genocide. When her hut was discovered by the Militia, she rubbed skin irritating herbs on her hands which transferred to men of the militia by touch. She made them believe the spirits were angry and they left her and the hidden refugees alone.



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