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Meet The Youngest Presidents Of The World!! When Will A Young Man Be President In Africa, Like France?

Gone are the days when the older generations used the phrase like “Youths are the leaders of tomorrow”, yet none of them at the helms of affairs are ready to leave the positions for a second. To many of them, if it is possible to rule for life, they will gladly embrace.

According to report, two African presidents made the list of top 10 Oldest World’s Leaders and the two are not hidden from the continent with each of them having ruled for decades, they include: Cameroonian President, Paul Biya, 83years and President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, 93years.

The questions now is when will the dream of Africa having a young and fresh blood at the helms of power?… I heard someone saying, all these leaders came into power at the very young age too but after tasting the power and wealth attached to this position, they feel like not shifting ground for another individual to use his/her wealth of knowledge to the development of the nation, as the case may be.


Taking Nigeria as a case study, the current president is over 70 years, presently in the UK for making checkup, whose tenure is due to expire by the end of 2019 but at the moment, the president is planning for a re-election, so tell me, when will a country of such has a young blood as its head, pivoting the affairs of the nation?


One of the main problems facing Africa apart from the much publicized issue of corruption, is that we lack leaders that are adequately prepared for leadership positions in all levels of government. Youths fortunate enough to be political appointees should use the unique opportunity and experience they gained in government to mentor other youths genuinely interested in service.


In conclusion, Nigeria or any African country is not France, but if President Emmanuel Macron can form his own political party and win, maybe we can also do this in Nigeria and Africa at large, let’s show the whole world that we can have a youth in the helms of power in the modern Africa.
God bless Nigeria, God bless Africa.



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