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Meet the Youngest Heirs and Heiresses Poised to Inherit Billions from their Parents

Right from the preschool toddlers up until the high-ranking executives, the heirs of some of the world’s wealthiest are poised to inherit massive fortunes.

Many of the young heirs of famous billionaires including the children of the richest people in tech and the richest people in business will receive large inheritances, if they haven’t already. Meanwhile, other billionaires have promised to give some, most, or, in Warren Buffett ‘s case, all, of their wealth away.


We looked at the 35 richest individuals and families in the world using real-time data from Forbes’ billionaire index . We listed those who have children under the age of 40 and ordered the list of heirs by their parent’s wealth, beginning with Jeff Bezos currently the richest person alive .

For the purposes of this list, we looked only at the billionaires’ direct descendants and excluded grandkids. Notably, this methodology means that some high-profile billionaires’ grandchildren amongst them Franois Pinault’s grandson of the same name , Francoise Bettencourt Meyers’ grandson who was called ” The Prince of L’Oreal ,” and the Walton grandchildren are not included in the round-up.

Keep reading for a look at some of the wealthiest heirs in the world.


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