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Meet The World’s Top 10 Under-25 Flourishing Athletes Of The Year!!

Last year, Paul Pogba was first in the Euro final with the French team before being transferred to Manchester United, making him the most expensive footballer of all time. The kind of performance that has a direct impact on the payroll. Neither one nor two, the midfielder has become one of the highest paid French athletes, also among the highest paid athletes under 25, all disciplines combined .

Paul Pogba has earned more than € 18m over the past year

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It is Forbes who has drawn up the list of prizes, mostly played by basketball players in the NBA championship, five in number, against three footballers, one American football player and one golfer. Paul Pogba is the ninth highest-paid under-25 athlete in 2017. “Paid” means pay, salary, and sponsorship. Over the year, the 24-year-old Frenchman received € 18.2 million.

Neymar or Jordan Spieth, what counts is talent, but also the power of seduction

Nevertheless, it is almost twice as low as the Brazilian Neymar, leader of this list. The Barcelona striker won nearly 32.4 million euros, thanks to his club fees, but above all juicy sponsorship contracts, including Nike who chose him as a premium ambassador with Cristiano Ronaldo. Partnerships are what makes the difference between sportsmen, like James Rodriguez, Real Madrid player and star in Colombia.


Or, in another universe, like Jordan Spieth, the golfer who rises and the brands have the right one: in 2016, he won “only” 4.8 million euros, bonuses to results on the courses Golf courses; The rest of the 21.8 million euros won, the number 3 in the discipline worldwide owes it to its partnerships.

Top 10 World’s Top 10 Under-25 Athletes

  • 10. Myles Garrett (US Foot), 21 years = 18.2000.000 €
  • 9. Paul Pogba (Football), 24 years old = 18.600.000 €
  • 8. James Rodriguez (Football), 25 years = € 19,200,000
  • 7. Andre Drummond (Basket), 24 years old = 19.300.000 €
  • 6. Bradley Beal (Basket), 24 years = 20.400.000 €
  • 5. Harrison Barnes (Basket), 25 years = 20.900.000 €
  • 4. Anthony Davis (Basket), 24 years old = 24.600.000 €
  • 3. Kyrie Irving (Basket), 24 years old = 24.600.000 €
  • 2. Jordan Spieth (Golf), 23 years = € 30,200,000
  • 1. Neymar (Football), 25 years old = 32.400.000 €

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