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Meet The World’s Oldest Person

Imagine living through the turn of two centuries, two world wars, and seeing 115 New Year’s Eves?

Misao Okawo, who will be celebrating her 117th birthday in March, is currently the world’s oldest person.


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Mirror publication reported that the great-grand mother of six, who lives in Osaka in Japan, puts her long life down to eating sushi, getting eight hours sleep a night and relaxing.


Born in 1898, she got married in 1919 and has three children, four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Her husband died in 1931.

She was presented with a certificate from the Guiness Book of Records officially recognising her as the world’s oldest living woman when she turned 115.

Japan is thought to have more than 50,000 people over 100-years-old, which is often attributed to the country’s low fat diet of sushi and fish.

Three of the remaining world’s oldest people were all born in the 1800s and guess what? They are also all women.

1. Oldest American: Gertrude Weaver – 116
2. Jeralean Talley – 115
3. Susannah Mushatt Jones – 115



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