Meet The Wives Of International Political Figures and Their Educational Qualifications

The great figures of power in the world are highly publicized. We always talk about their social, material life and so on. Always at one of the people, we only see them in the company of their wives on solemn occasions. If not after, focus on the male personality. But do you know who are these ladies who share the daily life of our personalities? There is an adage that says “behind a tall man hides a tall woman”. Well, let’s go to the discovery of these great ladies.

1-Michelle Obama

Who are the wives of international political figures?

Michelle married for 26 years is one of the president’s women to have some material. Indeed, this lady has a law degree from the prestigious Haward University. She practices as a lawyer and writer.

2- Brigitte Macron

Who are the wives of international political figures?

The first lady of France aged 24 years older than her husband comes from a family of chocolatiers. Holder of a Master’s degree in Letters, Brigitte was a professor before arriving at the presidency. Today she works in social actions and plays the role of representation alongside her husband.

3-Hillary Clinton

Who are the wives of international political figures?

Hillary Clinton is a politician at heart. She was First Lady, Secretary of State of the United States. She studied sociology and since the age of 17 has started to take an interest in politics. She was beaten by Donald Trump in the 2017 elections.

4-Melania Trump

Who are the wives of international political figures?

Melania Trump was born in 1970, is a former Slovenian-American model and the wife of the famous Donald Trump. She studied design and architecture.

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