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Meet The Talented Artist Who Designed The World Cup Trophy

In every way, it’s the most prestigious trophy in the world of football. The World Cup rewards every four years, the best football nation in the four corners of the globe. If no African country has yet won the trophy, let’s not forget that the continent hosted the ceremony in 2010 in the country of Nelson Mandela. Rather a very good rugby nation.


But during each competition, each captain has only one wish. Lift the trophy in solid gold. But we almost never ask ourselves where, how, when and by whom this trophy was made.

It took the brilliant artist to break his brushes, so that the light returned to his brilliant career and great achievements in the field of sport.


From the name of Silvio Gazzaniga, Italian artist, he is the almost unknown author of the making of this trophy. All brilliant and sparkling, it weighs exactly 6.175 kg, and is composed of 75% pure gold. The trophy symbolizes two footballers raising the globe. Making us think of the myth of Atlas. For the artist, “The lines suggest the shape of a spiral at the top to accommodate the world. From the remarkably compact base, two athletes are rising to victory.

At the age of 96, he leaves a huge artistic production behind him, which the football world will remember all the time. For he has been the designer of several medals of European competitions. In this case, the UEFA Cup and the European Supercup.



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