Meet the richest woman in Ghana – Patricia Poku-Diaby

Patricia Opoku-Diaby is the richest woman in Ghana with a net worth of $720 million, according to Goodman AMC, a Ghanaian management and consulting firm.

Goodman AMC identified Ampofo as Ghana’s richest woman after tracking 100 people in Ghana who have $100 million and more.

According to the firm’s research, Patricia Opoku-Diaby is the eighth richest person in Ghana.

According to Goodman AMC, Patricia Opoku-Diaby was involved in her family’s business (trading and transportation) before she set up the Plot Enterprise Group in Ivory Coast, which was a precursor to the Ghanaian company.

About Plot Enterprise Ghana


Plot Enterprise Ghana is wholly Ghanaian owned cocoa processing company. The group has market presence in Asia and West Africa and comprises; Plot Commodities (registered with the Dubai Metal and Commodities Centre in Dubai), Plot Enterprise in Ivory Coast and Plot Enterprise Ghana.

Plot Commodities deals in cotton and cocoa and is registered with the Cocoa Merchants Association of America. Plot Enterprise in Ivory Coast is engaged in the trading of cocoa, cashew nut and wood products.

Plot Enterprise Ghana has a plant which has an annual initial bean input capacity of 32,000 metric tonnes. The implementation of the project began in 2006 with trial runs starting in November 2009.The plant was fully commissioned in January 2010.

See Goodman AMC’s breakdown of Patricia Opoku-Diaby’s wealth.



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