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Meet The One Leader That Survived 600 Assassination Attempts- Fidel Castro Had Nine Lives Like A Cat


Fidel Castro passed on, on the long run, however it was a miracle that he lived as long as he did. The United States government endeavored to kill the Cuban socialist pioneer 638 times – such a significant number of, truth be told, that a previous of Cuban leaders:  Eisenhower had 38 endeavors, Kennedy 42, Johnson 72, Nixon 184, Carter 64, Regan 197, Bush Senior 16, and Clinton 21.

These endeavors were altogether shrouded in a British document entitled 638 Ways to Kill Castro, none of which clearly worked.

A decent bit of the endeavors were just as they ought to have had Acme stamped on them, however some can’t be checked, for example, the endeavor on Castro’s life by method of a  detonating cigar.

Others have been indicated  in declassified records and in the British document, including a plot that included the CIA collaborating with the mafia to harm Castro’s milkshake. Another, an ex-special lady of Castro should slip him toxic pills, however rather she broke down, in the wake of experiencing some sudden nerves.

Castro clearly knew about that plot, and rather lured her,giving  her his gun.

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Here are some of the more interesting attempts by the CIA to kill Castro:

  • Exploding conch shell
  • Poisoning Castro’s dive suit with a fungus to create a fatal skin disease
  • Deadly syringe disguised as a ballpoint pen
  • Drugged cigars to make Castro look stupid during a speech
  • Thallium salt in the shoes to make Castro’s beard fall out

The kept making endeavors on Castro’s life, like in 2000, 90 kilograms of explosives was planted underneath a platform in Panama where he was set to give a discourse. What’s more, they would have blown him away with it, if not for the security group.

Castro once even stated, as per the narrative, “If surviving death endeavors were an Olympic occasion, I would win the gold award.”

He said the way that he was alive because of destiny, and thought the attempts on his life were practically ludicrous.

It wasn’t the CIA that got him in the end – instead, it was Castro’s own health that forced him to give power over to Raul Castro in 2008 as a result of his increasing frailty. Fidel Castro was one of the most loved and hated world leaders, and according to recent revelations, the United States CIA really had it in for him.


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