Meet The New 20 Most Influential Young People In Africa According to Africa Youth Awards

Africa is the continent of the future, say several international institutions and development partners. Young Africans, rich in their differences, play a great part, if they are not in front of the actions to make of the black continent the future Eldorado so much announced.

Forbes has established a ranking of the 100 most influential young people in Africa. Among the hundred nominees, Francophone Africa has 20 candidates in various fields, including sports, music, business, fashion and so on.

We offer you the list of Africa’s 20 most influential young people according to the Africa Youth Awards, an organization based in Accra.

A grouping by country of the nominees positions Cameroon at the top of the ranking with 4 representatives, followed by Algeria, Morocco and Senegal (3), and Mali (2). Benin, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Congolese (DRC) and Tunisian are each represented by a laureate.


Ludovic Biyong ( Entrepreneur, founder of PA2M (big data)

Gwendolyne Halle  Entrepreneur, microbiologist, African hair specialist.

Achaleke Christian Leke ( Activist, National Coordinator of Local Youth Corner Cameroon)


Mamadou Toure ( Founder and Director of the Africa 2.0 Foundation)


Suhaila Ben Laheb ( Musician, singer).

Riyad Mahrez ( Footballer in Leicester City)

Amel Bouchoucha ( Actress, singer and TV presenter)


Yasmine El Baggari ( TIC Entrepreneur, founder of the Voyaj platform)

Ibtissam Tiskat ( Musician, singer)

Mustapha Mokass ( Founder of Climate And Poverty Innovations)


Sadio Mane ( Footballer in Liverpool)

Anta Babacar Ngom Bathily ( Entrepreneur, agro-industry)

Khoudia Diop ( Fashion)


Nana Diaby ( Director of Phiphi +, communication agency)

Moustapha Ben Barka ( Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet of the Presidency of Mali)


Damien Mouzoun ( Social Entrepreneur, founder of Ayina think-tank)

Ivory Coast

Dj Arafat (DJ, singer)


Pierre Emerick Aubameyang ( Footballer, Borussia Dortmund)


Francine Muyumba ( President of the Panafrican Youth Union)


Inès Boubakri ( Sportsman, Fencing, bronze medal at the 2016 J0 2016 in Rio).


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