Meet The Most Religious Countries In Africa- Sure None Has Got God Like These Countries

Religion is a way of life for many countries and they celebrate life through religion.

The top ten religious countries as found out by an International Poll are and they are…


10. Morocco (93% in 2015)

Top Ten religious countries in world

Morocco is one of the most religious countries in the world.

“A poll done by in 2015 revealed that 93% of the people who are conducted in the survey are religious and religion plays an important role in their day- to- day life,” as quoted by
In Moroccan populace, 98.7 people are Muslims, about 1.1% are Christians and 0.2% are Jews. It is a largely devoted country to Islam and Fridays are treated as holidays.

The practices of Islam dictates the way of life for Moroccans and the people are obliged to pray five times a day.

9. Georgia (93 % in 2015)

The majority of Georgia ‘s population are orthodox Christians and are affiliated to Orthodox Christian church.

The individuals inhabiting Georgia state that Christianity plays a pivotal role in their daily lives.

The rest of the country comprises of Muslims and Jews.

“In a poll conducted in 2015 revealed, people pray daily and hold a strong faith in God.”

8. Bangladesh (93% in 2015)

Almost 88% of the whole Bangladesh populace are Muslims and they are strongly devoted to Islam.

Islam forms a major part of their daily life and plays an important role in the society. Islam is the official religion of Bangladesh.

All the Muslim festivities are celebrated lavishly and with enthusiasm and magnificence.

They are strongly ardent on the fact that Islam plays a pivotal and strong role in their daily lives by 93% as in a poll revealed in 2015.

7. Armenia (93% in 2015)

The Armenian Christians are believed to derive their faith directly from Christ’s apostles.

About 94% of the Armenian population constitutes The Armenian Apostolic Church.

In 301 AD, Armenia became the first country to officially state Christianity as their state’s religion.

93% of the population regards religion to play a huge role in their daily lives.

6. Thailand (94% in 2015)

Top Ten religious countries in the world

Thai population is made up of 95% of Threvada Buddhists and the principles of Buddhism plays a large role in their day- to- day life.

The Buddhists practise self-realization, self- respect, self- control and non- violence as their principles.


Moreover, Hinduism is the largest religious minority in Thailand and it exerts its own traditions and cultural aspects in Thailand’s cultural heritage.

94% of the Thai population regards Buddhism as a vital aspect in their daily lives.
5. Yemen (99% in 2009)

There are different schools of Islam occupying separate different territories in Yemen, but the teachings of Islam unifies Yemenis all around the boundaries of the country.

The Yemenis strictly adhere to five tenets of Islam.

Men pray at mosques daily and attend sermons, on Sabbath, while women are strictly prohibited from visiting these places of worship.

A 2000 WIN/ Gallup International polling data reveals 99% of Yemenis considered religion as an pivotal role in their day- to- day lives.

4. Indonesia (99% in 2009)

The government of the country recognizes Islam, Hinduism, Protestantism, Catholicism and Buddhism as the six official religions of the country.

Being an atheist is considered to be socially unacceptable in Indonesia.

Moreover, every individual should be subjected to affiliation to one of these religions because the government needs it for official documents like passport, identity cards, etc.

Islam is the most practiced religion in the country and it has the highest number of Muslims in the world.

99% of the population considered religion as an important part in their daily lives as told by an International poll.

3. Malawi (99% in 2009)

Malawi, a south-east African nation, is very religious.

Christianity is the religion followed by the majority of the population while Islam is also followed by a significant  minority of Malawi’s population.

Hindus, Jews and Baha’ is, and the Rastafarians are the other religious minorities of the country, though they make up a very small percentage in the country.

99% of the population of the country inculcates religious beliefs and strictly adheres to the principles of their religion in their daily lives.
2. Sri Lanka ( 99% in 2009)

Buddhism is the major religion in Sri Lanka. Although, other religions such as, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam, is commonly practiced.

Buddhism has been there since ancient times and still affects the Sinhalese culture.

“The major populace of the Sri Lanka is highly religious and claims that religion is an integral part in their daily lives, as per data obtained by a poll conducted in 2009 by WIN/ Gallup International polls.”
1.   Niger (~ 100% in 2009)

“The data processed by the WIN/ Gallup International polls places Niger at the highest position among the most religious countries of the world.”

Almost all 100% of the population claims that religion plays an important part in their daily lives.

Islam is the mostly followed religion by the residents of the country, with  94% of the population following this religion.


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