Meet The Man Who Went Through Extreme Surgeries And Tattoos To Look Like The Devil (Photos)

A 37-year-old Venezuelan man, Henry Rodriguez, from Caracas, who underwent through multiple facial modifications over the years, has transformed himself into the fictional Nazi supervillain, Red Skull, after spending upto £30,000 in multiple surgeries.

According to Dailymail, the man’s journey started when he got his eyes tattooed black, had implants inserted into his head and then underwent a painful operation to have part of his nose removed.


Speaking to a correspondent, the father of a three-year-old son, said: ‘I would like to highlight that I came from a very modest and traditional family.’

‘It wasn’t easy for my family to accept my lifestyle but, even so, they are still my family and a part of me. My son Aarón Rodrigo is three-years-old. If he accepts me and loves me I don’t care about what other people would say. What matters to me is being happy and accepting myself. We will always be judged.’


Speaking further, he said;


‘Since I was a child, I’ve always liked what was different, extrovert and I am a comic fanatic and I love the Marvel Universe. For that reason I decided to be who I am now and I feel good with myself. That’s the most important thing.

‘I started this project around seven years ago. I wanted to turn myself into this amazing comic character who I’ve really admired since I was little. I feel like there are similarities between this character and I regarding to personality and attitude.

‘It is important to say that the only thing I don’t have in common with him is his Nazi ideology, As for his physical appearance, I’ve always been attracted to that unique shape, his extrovert personality and uniqueness,’ said Henry.





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