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Meet The Man Who Claims He Is The Cousin Of Adolf Hitler

A 65-year-old man, Romano Lukas Hitler, is claiming to be the only man alive who is directly related to Adolf Hitler, the German who is responsible for the world’s deadliest holocaust.

Romano has his name on his passport, his German ID card, his bank account and his rental contract for his home in the eastern town of Görlitz.

According to Daily Express, Mr Romano while talking to German website, MOPO2, said: “Adolf Hitler’s father Alois had a younger brother. His grandson was my father.”

Romano’s passport
He claims his parents fled communist East Germany and died in Bratislava in Slovakia.

The man also claims he was handed over to a monastery and was then adopted by a Polish family. He later returned to Germany as an adult to train as a ship’s helmsman.

He reveals that: “But my name has caused me lots of grief down the years.”
With his grandfather reportedly the uncle of Adolf Hitler, the pensioner has a strange taste of art on the walls of his room – a picture of the dictator cousin on one side of the German flag, a picture of Angela Merkel on the other.
He went on: “People are shocked or laugh at me when they hear my name. It was also often the reason why I found no work.

“After me there will be no more Hitlers.  That’s it, shame must have an end.  The name is like a cross to bear and  I wish that on nobody.

“The Germans always think Hitler was a bad man. But I’m a very simple person.”

However Romano’s claim about Hitler’s father Alois having a brother doesn’t fit the accepted version of history.

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