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Meet The Kenyan Traffic Police Officer Who Is Also A Street Preacher!!

Ever thought you’d see a policeman preaching? Prepare to be surprised.

There is now a traffic cop by the name ‘Pastor Afande’ who also doubles as a street preacher. While doing his job in Zimmerman, Pastor Afande always takes times to spread the word of God.

Pastor Afande’s’ ministry work was recently captured on video by a passer-by.

The fact that he is a policeman in full uniform actually serves as an advantage to him because people actually stop to listen to him. Normally, people just ignore street preachers and walk on.


In the video that is currently doing the rounds, the cop calls on people to repent their sins and warns that no one can ever save themselves from hell not even the armed policemen but God.

Watch the video below.


Written by How Africa

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