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Meet The Kenyan Lady Who Bleached To Look Beautiful After She Was Called “Ugly”!!


Three years ago down the line, precisely on Jan 3, 2014, popular kenyan runs girl, Huddah Monroe, posted a photo of the lady named, Sandra Otieno, on her Facebook page and blasted her for trolling.


The photo went viral and Huddah Monroe’s fans started trolling Otieno calling her ugly.

Jacky Sandra (BEFORE)

Almost three years later, social media can’t believe the transformation she has undergone believed to be as a result of surgery and proper bleaching.

According to her Facebook account, Otieno is currently in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Jackie Sandra [AFTER]
Jackie Sandra [AFTER]
Jackie Sandra [AFTER]
Jackie Sandra [AFTER]

Interestingly, Huddah Monroe, the runs girl who made people call Sarah Otieno ugly, herself was a product of bleaching and plastic surgery.


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