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Meet the Kenyan diviner who knows Barack Obama’s visit itinerary

Three years ago, Kenyan diviner John Dimo reportedly predicted Barack Obama’s 2012 electoral victory that secured him a second term in power. This week, ahead of Obama’s maiden visit to Kenya as president, Dimo has claimed knowledge of the US president’s top-secret itinerary.


Much to the disappointment of the people of Kogelo, President Barack Obama’s ancestral village, their “son” will not be travelling outside Nairobi.

This was according to US ambassador to Kenya, Robert Godec’s words quoted in The Citizen.

“You know, unfortunately President Obama is not going to be able to visit Kogelo on this trip to Kenya. It really comes down to (the fact) that the President has what is probably the toughest job in the world. He has got a certain amount of time, I know he’d like to spend a lot of time (but he can’t, the schedule it is too tight). It will be a significant visit, it will be a historic visit, but unfortunately it will just be here in Nairobi,” said Godec on live TV. But John Dimo thinks otherwise.


The elderly diviner who reportedly predicted Obama’s 2012 electoral win reckons that the US president will definitely pay his respects at the village where his father’s buried.

“The results indicate that Obama will come to Kogelo,” Dimo told a circle of residents this month as they cheered with excitement at the prospect of a presidential visit as they watched his fortune telling ritual. “It’s a big secret, and he need not tell anybody that he will be visiting his ancestral home.”

According to The Daily Monitor, Dimo acknowledged the ambassador’s communications but brushed them off as “for security reasons”.

Whether Dimo’s prediction of the US 2012 elections was a fluke or not will be revealed in the next few days. President Obama arrives in Kenya on Friday, July 24.


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