Meet The Doctor Who Helps Women Through Labour By Dancing With Them. Photos

A doctor has devised a method to ease the pain of pregnant women through labour with his dance routines. Dr Fernando Guedes da Cunha, known as ‘the dancing doctor’, posts videos on Instagram of himself busting moves with heavily pregnant women.

dancing doctor; Dr Fernando Guedes da Cunha


His latest video, posted on December 15, shows a woman, who developed diabetes while she was pregnant, dancing with the obstetrician while awaiting the arrival of her baby.

The Brazilian doctor isn’t just dancing for fun, research has shown movement during labor makes giving birth easier.

‘Dance, walk, activities with a ball of physiotherapy and squats, are part of the patient’s verticalization, which greatly favors labor. We are increasingly trying to implement human measures to improve assistance to pregnant women,’ Dr Cunha said.

Many of his dance routines include squats, hip movements and shimmies.

The hospital, which posted the video on their Facebook page, said busting a move while in labor ‘contributes to relaxation and facilitates the birth of the baby.’



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