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Meet The Country That Has Never Been On World’s Map, Now There Are Doubts Even If It Exists

New Zealanders tired of their nation being left off of world maps set up a Reddit gathering to share their irritation.

New Zealand has been left off the world guide at the one worldwide political occasion where the little Pacific country is maybe generally applicable.

This week, NZ PM John Key was one of 53 world pioneers in participation at the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague.

As has a tendency to occur at these occasions, the representatives were accumulated in an expansive hall with a guide of the world as the setting.

Problem is, that map didn’t have New Zealand.

That’s a pretty major snub given that New Zealand has always been one of the world’s most vocal anti-nuclear campaigners.


Since 1984, New Zealand has been one of the world’s only nuclear-free countries. The Kiwis allow no nuclear power, no nuclear weapons and no nuclear-powered vessels into their waters.

It is this no-nukes stance which ensured the Kiwis were one of the first nations invited to the inaugural Nuclear Security Summit in Washington in 2010.

But now, New Zealand is no longer even part of the world. According to the summit’s mapmakers, anyway.

This magnificent scenery is but a figment of the imagination.

For the record, Tasmania got a guernsey, despite a long history of being left off maps — including at events organised by Australia like the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony.


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