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Meet The Black Woman Who Spearheaded Developing Crayola’s 24 Diverse New Colors

Mimi Dixon — manager of brand equity and activation at Crayola — “spearheaded Crayola’s 24 new colors representing 40 global skin tones,” Forbes reported.


In 2020, the company which is known for the “iconic Crayola Crayon” launched “24 new specially formulated crayons” which were “designed to mirror and represent over 40 global skin tones across the world,” according to a press release.

“With the world growing more diverse than ever before, Crayola hopes our new Colors of the World crayons will increase representation and foster a greater sense of belonging and acceptance,” Rich Wuerthele, Crayola’s CEO, said. “We want the new Colors of the World crayons to advance inclusion within creativity and impact how kids express themselves.”

Dixon “spearheaded the initiative that has won multiple awards, including Toy of the Year award for most creative,” according to Forbes.

Dixon reflected on a time when she grew up unable to find a color which represented herself, while using crayons. Now, children can feel represented when they color themselves in drawings. It was “important” to her to be able to offer a better experience for youth.

“So to be able just to take one crayon, it seems very simple, but to make that difference for kids today was invaluable,” Dixon told Forbes.

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Victor Casale — who was previously the chief chemist and managing director, R&D of MAC cosmetics — was added to the team which sought to create the inclusive crayons. He brought more than “30 years of experience” with him, according the press release.

“His expertise, candor and guidance throughout the development process was invaluable and brings an enhanced level of credibility and authenticity to the Colors of the World product,” Dixon said.

Crayons, markers, colored pencils and even a coloring book are now a part of the inclusive line.


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