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Meet The Black Woman Now Running Washington DC’s Fastest Growing Digital Ad Agency

Premiere digital agency Threespot, headquartered in the nation’s capital, continues to push the industry’s boundaries of ethical and social responsibility forward. Today they elevated Liz Ott to the position of President as the company’s current President/CEO, Bill Barbot, transitions out of his role after more than 20 years of service.

The update in leadership was announced to staff and clients today, and takes effect immediately. Ott has 11 years of experience at the company, most recently as Director of Client Engagement leading all new business development efforts and supporting clients such as UN Environment, The Pew Charitable Trusts, Planned Parenthood, and the U.S. Department of State. She is an experienced creative and businesswoman of color, who will focus her expertise in design, technology, business development, and marketing into championing a client base that seeks to transform the world into a more progressive, positive, and humane place.


“It’s been an incredible privilege to be a part of Threespot’s growth over the past decade,” said Liz Ott. “I’m as excited about the next chapter of our evolution as I am committed to continuing to help those who are helping others. Relationships have always been at the heart of Threespot’s success and my vision for Threespot’s future is to remain bold in our support of organizations working for a brighter future, while always putting the human experience of our clients and the communities they serve before the bottom line.”

Threespot has always led the charge in the professional landscape for companies that put people over profit. They earned a coveted BCorps™ accreditation in 2015, meeting the highest verified standards of social environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. By creating a working environment that intentionally and fiercely supported diversity, family-friendly policies, and a human approach to management, Threespot was able to cultivate talent like Ott to continue moving the needle on meaningful social change, develop future-friendly solutions for their clients, and support frontline work on climate change, healthcare, and social justice issues.

“When considering our succession planning, we wanted to put our values first. It is time for the age of the ‘white-middle-aged male’ to pass the mic,” said Bill Barbot. “In order for us to take a step back, and be a part of the change we wanted to see in our industry and the world, it was clear that we could entrust the future of the company to Liz. For over a decade she has guided teams with her signature personality, warmth, humor and diplomacy. She earned her way into this position through her talent, commitment, and incredible service to the company.”

Threespot has been advocating on behalf of forward-thinking clients since 1999. Their fiercely independent spirit gives them a unique prowess for embracing the inevitability of change, unleashing creativity, and using collaborative action to support the world’s best change-making organizations.


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