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Meet The African American Mother, Two Daughters Who Own 13 McDonald’s Franchises

Between the three of them, they employ more than 700 people.

For Patricia Williams, owning McDonald’s franchises runs in the family. More than 30 years ago, Williams was inspired by a family member who owned McDonald’s franchises to take a chance and go through the certification process of becoming a McDonald’s owner.

Kerri Harper-Howie, Patricia Williams, Nicole Enearu, Black Mother and Two Daughters Who Own 13 McDonald’s Franchises

She and her husband cashed out their retirement plans and took out a small business loan to support their next career move. Their first McDonald’s location in Compton was a success, and they purchased a second location. After she and her husband parted ways, Williams bought his shares in the company and continued to work on improving customer service and increasing revenue. In 1995, Williams made a boss move by selling her two McDonald’s locations and buying five more.

Although she didn’t plan it, Williams’ two daughter, Nicole Enearu and Kerri Harper-Howie, eventually became involved in the McDonald’s franchises in the early 2000’s,

After making a major career change, her daughter Nicole went through the McDonald’s franchise training program for owners and purchased a store. She later went on to became the first female, African American Chair for the McDonald’s Southern California Regional Leadership Council.


Her other daughter Kerri, who is a lawyer, started out first by providing legal and HR help to her mother’s franchise locations. But, she too wanted to be her own boss, so she completed a training program with the Next Generation program at McDonald’s – a program for children of McDonald’s owner operators.

She told the Los Angeles Sentinel, “The opportunity to show my kids what it’s like to be my own boss is invaluable and I’m lucky enough to have a sister who I work extremely well with. She and I have been close our entire lives so that made the decision even easier.”

Today, the three of them are together running a multi-million dollar company that provides hundreds of jobs to the local community. Via their non-profit organization called the Williams/Enearu Organization, they also provide scholarships to local students, and fund various local and national charities.

But technology and modernization in their community is also important to them!

Their newest franchise location features digital touch screens at every table, and self-ordering kiosks. But traditional customers who still wish to order at the cash register can do so via their HD television digital menu boards. The location also features Wi-Fi for customers who want to connect to the internet, and an innovative, interactive and digital Play Place for children.

Patricia and her daughters say that implementing these changes is a reflection of their ongoing commitment to enhance and contribute to the local community.


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