Meet The Amazing 7-Year Old ‘Google Kid’ Who Knows EVERYTHING

Some people call him a walking, talking encyclopedia, because the boy has the capacity to absorb information ranging from geography to biology and current affairs. Within three months, the little kid managed to memorise information about 213 countries, their population, source of income, currency, religion, culture and heritage.


The boy, who is a resident of Kohand Village in India, is now a national celebrity. He regularly travels to schools across the country and answers live questions from other kids.

Due to his ability to absorb information and his photographic memory Kaytilya has earned the nickname “Google”.

Talking about his extraordinary mental abilities, Kautilya usually share the credit of his brilliance with his family.

“I guess the best thing is that I was lucky enough to have parents and teachers who realised I had a gift and who have helped me develop.


“I don’t have friends in my class … My grandfather is my best friend. I don’t know why I am different but I know I am curious about everything, and keep asking questions, but in my case the answers just remain there.”

Needless to say, that his parents are extremely proud of their child and his great achievements.

“Kautilya is God’s best gift to us. We noticed Kautilya’s unusual talent that was way beyond his years, but could never imagine that he is an ocean of knowledge. It all began in his summer vacation when he would spend a lot of time studying the atlas and other books. And then began the questions. All our answers were met with a fresh question! He understands things and that helps him retain them”, said the boy’s father.

When askeds about his future plans, Kautilya is just as confused as any other kid.

“I want to be an IAS officer… no, a scientist … an astronaut…” he said, before finally declaring, “I will first study and then decide. 


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