Meet The Africans Relocating To Mars And Never Coming Back (Photos)


Heard of the Mars One resettlement project? Well, as weird and as crazy as it may sound, it is actually a project announced in 2012 and aimed at establishing a human settlement on planet Mars. Who would be crazy and daring enough to be willing to relocate to Mars though? Let’s say about 200, 000 people (or maybe daredevils).

The number of candidates has however been sized down by 2016 to the planned one hundred population expected to start a colony on Mars. Among them are 6 Africans looking to book a one-way trip to the red planet.

  1. ALEXANDRA from South Africa

  1. MOHAMMED SALLAM from Egypt

  1. ADRIANA from South Africa

  1. IGHODALO from Nigeria

  1. EDWIN from South Africa

  1. DIVASHEN from South Africa


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