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Meet The African-American Women Police Chiefs Who Have Set Records.


Promotion in any work is something that is not only common but expected to be done to motivate workers. But in America’s police department, promotion among Afro-Americans to that top ranks is something that is even harder than getting the job itself. The matters get even worse for Afro-American women.


With statistics showing that the highest number of black women police chiefs which an entire state has ever had is six, it only proves to you how tough it is to get ascent to this position.

There are currently 6-African American women police chiefs serving in North Carolina. But the funny or important part of it is that this is the highest number that the state has ever had throughout its history.


Among the six, four recently had a chance to share their experiences on how they managed to accent to a position which every American will admit that isn’t easy for black women. They said of everything they recalled ever since they graduated from their respective police academies. The four include Durham’s CJ Davis, Fayetteville’s Gina Hawkin, Raleigh’s Cassandra Deck-Brown and Morrisville’s Patrice Andrews.


“We have broken a glass ceiling,” said Deck-Brown. “So, the honor of becoming chief is knowing that someone else also has that opportunity to get there.” Deck-Brown class at the police academy had only four women—again which made a record at the time.

However, Andrews’ case was different as for her, the department was so fair, since the promotion was awarded based on performance merit.

“For my case, there was a proving ground,” said Andrews. “It was not because I was an African-American woman. I was given this position was because I was a lady, and I think everyone just wanted to witness, ‘What’s she really made of?’”

As black mothers, these cops still tell their kids on how to interact with the officers.

“We have always been women of color,” Hawkins explained. “We haven’t stopped to have that conversation which many blacks usually have, just because we are in uniforms.”


And as for what it requires to do the job well? They all say that “communication, compassion, empathy and quick-thinking” are the key.

The four finally encourage the fellow women by saying, they also have a chance, since other states are following the suit.

“Know that it isn’t just happening here,” said Andrews. “It’s going on in Portland, Dallas– it’s all over. And most importantly, just know that I also love the black girl magic.”


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