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Meet The 8 Children Of African Presidents Who Have Successfully Completed Their University Career!!


The children of presidents are often in the spotlight for all their slippages. However, some people take their studies to heart and have a good academic background. Here is the selection of eight children of presidents who have had a good academic career.


1.Malika Bongo Odimba


She studied international relations in France, and did her high school in the United States. She worked at Unesco before joining the civil service of Gabon, her country. After this experience, she was posted to the UN, in Geneva, for a year before deciding to put up her bags in Gabon. Today, she advocates for the social cause through her “Women’s Challenges” and “Generation Plus” associations.


2. Sani Mahamadou


Aged just over thirty, Sani Mahamadou said Abba is the senior communications advisor to the Nigerian presidency. It should be remembered that he is a graduate of Political Science at Harvard , one of the most prestigious universities in the world. He is also a  graduate in new information and communication technologies .


3.Sikhanyiso Dlamini


Sikhanyiso Dlamini is the princess of Swaziland. Educated in a private school in the United Kingdom, she studied in California and then at the University of Sydney where she brilliantly obtained a  Master’s degree in digital communication  in 2012. Sikhanyiso Dlamini chose after her studies to return to Swaziland where she Is a member of the Royal Council and the Board of Directors of MTN, the country’s mobile operator. She is also a rapporteur for her lost time.

4.Karim Wade



His father, Abdoulaye Wade is no longer president but this man demonstrates an inspiring journey that should be noted. After his bachelor’s degree in the French private school  Saint Martin de France , Karim Wade began his studies at the university Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. At the end of a  master’s degree in management sciences  (MSG), he prepares a  DESS in financial engineering  that he obtains in 1995 with a thesis entitled “Utilities and prospects for the development of corporate governance in France”. He then worked in several large companies such as the Swiss Bank Corporation , UBS Warburg Investment Bank , a subsidiary  of UBS.


5. Condé Mohamed


Mohamed Condé studied in Paris and then in the United States. There, he obtained an  MBA  from the  Thunderbird School of Global Management , considered the best business school in the country! He then worked for several multinational companies (automotive, pharmaceutical, consulting …), first in Brazil, then in Great Britain and in the United States. For several years, he has held the post of adviser of his father to the Presidency of the Republic of Guinea Conakry.

6.Michel GBAGBO


Michel Gbagbo studied in France before returning to Côte d’Ivoire and worked as a consultant in human resources management. He resumed his university studies in 2006 and supported in 2007  a thesis of psychopathology  of social life . He has since been consecrated  Doctor.

7.Ange Kagame


In August 2014, she made a strong impression by posing alongside her father and the Obama couple at the White House. Formed in the United States, Ange Kagame joined the communication team of the Rwandan presidency. She is responsible for social networks. She is the only one of the four children of Paul Kagame to work with him and in addition is very involved in numerous medical campaigns and development projects.

8.Isabel Dos Santos


She is known as the richest woman in Africa. Isabel Dos Santos has a great experience. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree, she graduated in London where she graduated as an electrical engineering and business management engineer . It is also this rigorous training that justifies its success in entrepreneurship. It demonstrates that one can be a daughter of President, but work hard to earn a living.


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