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Meet The 8 Black Men Who Were Wrongfully Convicted!!

There is a huge amount of black men who were wrongfully convicted. It is not fair; it is not a crime just more than death. It gives them more sorrow. It is not right. But it happens nowadays gradually. So we should take right measure to stop this harmful action. In below there are showing 8 black men who were wrongfully convicted.


  1. Thomas Cornell (Jr.)

He was tried, accused, convicted and attach for the alleged murder of his mother, Rebecca Briggs Cornell, in Portsmouth in 1673. He was convicted using circumstantial proves as well as spectral proves, where witnesses recounted dreams containing ghosts pointing to his alleged guilt. This case and its event have been chronicled in the book Killed Strangely.


  1. The Salem Witch Trials

They were a series of hearings and pursuit of people blamed of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693. The trials resulted in the killing of twenty people, most of them women and black men. Despite being generally known as the Salem witch trials, the preliminary hearings in 1692 were attended in several towns in the Province of Massachusetts Bay.


  1. Chipita Rodriguez

He was convicted of killing John Savage with an ax and executed. She was posthumously absolved in 1985.



  1. William Jackson Marion

He was convicted of killing John Cameron, who left with him to work on the railroad in 1872. In 1891, four years after Marion’s killed by hanging, Cameron turned up alive, describing that he had vanished by his own volition, to spend twenty years journey across Mexico, Alaska, and Colorado.

  1. George Washington Davis

He was convicted of the Deep Creek killing. He was later forgiven following confessions by James Bower and Jeff Gray.


  1. Bill Wilson

He was convicted of killing his wife and their 19-month-old daughter. Bones presented in court were later discovered to be those of at least four or five people and likely inborn. He received a formal forgive after his wife and daughter were discovered alive and living in Vincennes, Indiana.


  1. Jack Davis

He was convicted of causing the 1894 Rock Island railroad wreck, which murdered eleven of 33 on a passenger train traveling from Fairbury, Nebraska, to Lincoln. Some survivors demand to have seen him holding a lantern at the site of the crash, therefore there was no proves that Davis had anything to do with the incident.


  1. Hudspeth and Watkins’ Wife Rebecca

During long questioning, Rebecca allegedly creates a statement faulting Hudspeth of killing Watkins to find him out of the way. So they got married. Based on Rebecca’s testimony, Hudspeth was convicted and sentenced to death.


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