Meet The 72-Year-Old Great Grandmother Who’s Set to Take Primary Certificate in Kenya

72 year old great- grandmother, identified as Cheptakar Kakuko Tukongole is among the candidates sitting for the 2016 Kenya Certificate Education Examination.
Kakuko, a traditional midwife whose favourite subject is Swahili will write her exams at Chepturu Primary School this month.
While explaining her reasons for returning to school at her age, the granny said she only took up the decision to enable her communicate effectively because none of 14 children went to school.


‘None of my children went to school and I am the only person who can communicate in Kiswahili. I can also write but for them it’s a dream. It is only my last born and I who have taken up the challenge. My other 14 children have not enrolled in school but that has never discouraged us.’

However, Cheptakar Kakuko Tukongole is described by her classmates as the most hardworking pupil in class.

We wish  Kakuko a successful examination!!!


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