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Meet The 6 Popular And Most Controversial African Celebrities In 2017

We live in a world of controversies. Our different personalities have highly attributed to this state of affairs. Gone are the days when we used to think that controversies were only a white man’s thing. Lately, African celebrities have not been left behind as most of them have been getting attention mostly for the wrong kind of things. Some of the popular and most controversial African celebrities have done very bizarre things in the name of fame or just to maintain their celebrity status.

It seems like some of them have the wrong perception of what it means to be a celebrity. Most of them engage in conduct that society frowns upon, whilst making it look cool and acceptable. The social media craze has not made it any better as it has enhanced easy dissemination of information.

This information has ended up in the reach of youngsters who look up to some of these celebrities as their mentors, thus influencing them in a negative way. Many of these youngsters always want to imitate what these famous personalities do. Unfortunately, there is not much one can imitate from them.

Popular and most controversial African celebrities

Celebrity Name Nationality
Willy Paul Kenya
Moustapha Kenya
Diamond Platinumz Tanzania
Koffi Olomide Democratic Republic of Congo
2Face Idibia Nigeria
Tonto Dikeh Nigeria

Willy Paul (Kenya)

This Kenyan gospel music artist has always been the center of controversy. The more controversial he gets, the more relevant he becomes. Having cleared his high school education recently while still pursuing music, some of his actions as a gospel artist have not augured well with some of his fans. He has courted controversy since he shot to fame, such that it would not be wrong to name him as one of the most controversial African celebrities alive.

He is a huge social media fan and always takes to such avenues to tell the world of everything happening in his life. The most recent one was when he posted that he had just bought his mother a new phone, which sent many tongues wagging.

The fact that he is a gospel artist is what makes his fans question his every move. He is said to have dated a Kenyan socialite called Pendo before leaving her for a white woman. Severalladies have also claimed to have dated him, further putting his Christian morals and faith into scrutiny.

Moustapha (Kenya)

One hit wonder Colonel Moustapha, as he prefers to call himself, is not a man new to controversy. With barely any hit song since 2013, the only thing that has kept him relevant in the entertainment industry is his love for controversy. It has seen him post very suggestive almost nude pictures of himself with a girl, in very compromising positions. This move made him the talk of the town for quite a long time.

Moustapha also vented sometime back that gay men were soliciting him for sex. He threw such a tantrum that left people wondering what his intentions were. Was it to seek attention or was he making a genuine complaint? Well, we’ll never know.

His love for controversy and his insatiable thirst for fame also saw him join a popular dating show, ‘Tujuane’, seeking for love. He also made averments that he is the one who made his former girlfriend, now a popular musician in Kenya famous and that whoever is currently dating her should appreciate his efforts by paying him.

Diamond Platinumz (Tanzania)

Tanzanian bongo artist Diamond Platinumz is not a new name when it comes to controversy. He is actually the king of controversy in Tanzania. Being a man of humble beginnings, who later struck the jackpot when his music impressed many across the globe, Diamond later became different. It is like the money and the fame got to his head and his previous humble nature flew out through the window.


He dated popular Tanzanian model Wema Sepetu, before ditching her for a wealthy older Ugandan woman namely, Zari Hassan, who has four children from her previous marriage to the late Don Ivan Semwanga.

Controversial African celebrities like this one are always followed by many scandals that mostly involve women. Recently, it was rumored that he got one of his video vixens, Hamisa Mobeto pregnant. The model cum video vixen is yet to come clean of these allegations, since Diamond has not said a word to affirm or disprove the rumor. In the meantime, the rumor mill keeps running until the child’s father is known.

Koffi Olomide (Democratic Republic of Congo)

When he is not out causing trouble or beating somebody up, he is usually in the studio coming up with some good music. His hot temper and violent nature was recently portrayed when he gave one of his dancers a beating at a Kenyan airport. This incident went viral and infuriated many Kenyans who took it to social media platforms, imploring the government to deport him. He was detained for a while in the airport’s police cells and later on deported before he could even finish his performance.

2Face Idibia (Nigeria)

most controversial African celebrities

2 Face is popular for his captivating music as well as his philandering ways. His womanizing ways have made him one of Africa’s most controversial celebrities. Despite the fact that he has a beautiful wife and children, it has not stopped him from tasting the honey elsewhere.

He has dated a throng of women and even sired children with some of them. It is said that he has over nine children born out of wedlock. This has earned him the nickname, ‘father of all nations.’ Whenever he is questioned regarding his philandering ways, he gives flimsy excuses that women love him for his cool nature and personality. It would have been more realistic if he said women love him for his thick wallet, for we all know that that is the reason why he is a darling to many.

Tonto Dikeh (Nigeria)

Tonto Dike is one of Nigeria’s most beautiful actresses. However, controversy and her go hand in hand. When she is not throwing shade at her colleagues, she is busy getting a new tattoo. What surprised most of her fans was her short-lived marriage and her intention to commit suicide.

She also surprised many when she turned up at her son’s father’s day occasion at school fully adorned like a gentleman. She even had a beard painted using makeup to make the transformation seem real. She really is the queen of controversy in Nigeria.


From the above article, we can make out the inference that many celebrities use controversy to stay relevant. Some of the aforementioned popular and most controversial African celebrities have done many things that have left eyebrows raised and fans disappointed. However, this has not deterred them from carrying on with their shenanigans.

It seems that they’d do anything for the fame that comes hand in hand with a scandal or an unpleasant action. Celebrities, however, ought to be persons of unquestionable character since many people look up to them, especially the young generation.


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