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Meet The 5 Wives Of African Footballers Who Will Make You Want To Get Married Soon

These five African footballers’ wives will sure want you to get married soon or want you reignite with your spouse the more and fall in love with her over and over again. They are truly women to behold.

1- Yvonne AYEW

All that we know about this woman is that she shares the life of the great Ghanaian footballer André Ayew. But who is she? What does she do in life? What is his family name ? It is a mystery in itself. What to give twist to all those who would like to have info on it and follow it on the social networks. Angelic face, beautiful curves, it will be said that it has everything to please. Judge it yourself.



2- Marlene M’BOKANI

She is beautiful with or without artifice. She presents herself as the authorized spouse of the famous Congolese footballer DIEU MERCI M’BOKANI. Beyond being the one who shares her life, the beautiful Marlene considers herself her mental coach; That is to say that it is in a way its first adviser and the pillar on which it rests. Marlene, in addition to having a perfect physique, knows all about fashion and applies her wisely in her daily professional footballer. The rendering does not go unnoticed anyway.

Marlene Bokami



3- Georgette ETO’O


It is the emblem of elegance, chic and glamor; And hold fast, it is by no means forced. Georgette is married to Cameroonian footballer Samuel Eto’o since last year but has been sharing her life for a long time. A submissive and thoughtful woman, she flees from any kind of scandal that can tarnish the public’s image of her and her children. Known as a distinguished woman in whom we recognize an unnamed self-mastery, she has everything to enchant us, especially with her plunging neckline that shows that she is always part of the game. The years have not altered her beauty and her magnificent body. It looks like it is getting better with time like good wine.

Georgette Etoo



4- Charity ADEBAYOR

Let us first note that Charité is very much a friend of Marlene M’Bokani (cited above), and we understand why. They are beautiful, sexy and married to footballers. We better understand the feeling between them, they have so much in common. Charity shares the life of Togolese international Emmanuel Adebayor. Even if some sources said that their couple was winging in time, no divorce has been confirmed to date.


5- Sery Dorcas

The pin-up of this selection. It is a true symbol of femininity. Woman very sensual, sexy and stylish. Fashion has no secret for her and she faithfully demonstrates it in her reality show called  “Fashion Ô budget” . The queen of beauty of Ivory Coast of 2005 has recently been converted into producer and TV host. She shows how to dress up according to her means. Sery Dorcas is married to the famous international footballer Zokora Didier. The couple certainly encounters difficulties, but it can still be part of the classification since the divorce has not yet been pronounced.

Sery dorcas



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