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Meet The 4 Famous Celebrities Who Owe Their Lives To The Police!!

A gunman intended to eliminate some of the stars on his black list. Indeed, this English killer named Michael Danaher, father of 2 children ambition to execution one after the other.

Today these celebrities owe their lives to the police who discovered their list.


Adrian Greenwood

On April 6, 2016, Adrian Greenwood, an antiquarian with no history, was found dead, stabbed with 30 stab wounds, in the corridor of his home.


His housekeeper had discovered the bloody body by coming to work with him. The victim’s phone, the knife blade and an exceptional edition of Kenneth Grahame’s novel “The Wind in the Willows,” then auctioned by its owner on £ 50,000 eBay, remained untraceable.

Only the handle of the knife had been found next to the body on the ground.


A little later, the investigators found the phone of the victim, the blade and the 1908 edition in Michael Danaher’s apartment.

Worse, the police discovered a lugubrious list of future victims, most of whom are celebrities.

Jeffrey Archer


 Kate Moss

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 Simon Cowell

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The list is not complete. Many other people with the bank account full, should be the future prey of the murderer. Michael Danaher was sentenced to 34 years in prison. These stars have escaped bel.


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