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Meet The 4 Celebrity Children Who Are Already Following The Footsteps Of The Famous Parents

These children have very famous parents, which makes them already very influential offspring. Discover in this writeup, these children who follow the footsteps of their parents in living the life of a star.

     1-Jaden and Willow Smith

Jaden and Willow Smith

If Jaden Smith made her debut in the showbiz by shooting movies alongside her father, Willow first tried the song with her famous song “Whip My Hair” dating from 2010.

The fraternity quickly broke away from the image of their parents, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, to forge their own identity.

After a few years in the movies, Jaden Smith, now aged 19, turned to music and fought against gender stereotypes and sexuality, as well as the planet.

For his part, Willow Smith quickly joined the fashion world by affirming his character with outfits that were more or less extravagant.

In the image of her brother, she embarks on music without having had a career in the cinema. In 2016, when she was 15, she became Chanel’s muse alongside Lily-Rose Deep, another cool kid.

Now aged 16, she is also fighting gender stereotypes and sexuality, and the girl is also with her brother Jaden and his half-brother Trey of Project Zambia, an association that provides helping Zambian children living with AIDS.


2-Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir Carter


children beyoncé jay z

Like North West, Blue Ivy was a queen child before the arrival of her little sister and her younger brother, the twins Rumi and Sir. Children of the almost royal couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the three children – before they even know how to write, walk or talk – are already in the limelight with fans watching for their every move.

3-Didi Stone Olomide

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Daughter of the famous Congolese singer, Koffi Olomide, and her third partner Aliya, 18-year-old Didi Stone Olomide, is a very popular kid on social networks. Fan of fashion, she is also a dress icon and capillary, invited in the biggest Parisian and African evening. Recently, the Vogue US has devoted an article to him around his way of life, his beauty secrets and his advice for a perfect selfie. Maybe we’ll see her one day on a podium or on the cover of a magazine.

4-Malia and Sasha Obama

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Although their father is no longer in the US presidency, the Obama sisters are still in the viewfinder of the tabloids. Sasha’s lifestyle and romantic holidays, and Harvard’s smashing back to Malia Obama, the two girls lead a busy life of teenage girls.


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