5 Situations When You Need To Keep Quiet

There are situations you’ll find yourself and the best thing to do at that point is to keep quiet. Especially when it comes to building personal relationships with friends, colleagues,family or a future partner.


Sometimes voicing out your opinion could lead to a whole lot of problems for you much later, it’s better to keep quiet and let them go or you can address the issue in future.

Inspired by All Women Stalk, here are 5 situations when you need to keep quiet:

1. When you know they are begging for drama: You can’t avoid drama kings and queens, just don’t give them what they desperately seek from you -anger. Your silence is enough to tell them to find someone else.

Friends talkingFriends talking


2.  When you have no idea what to say: In some sad or really bad situations, it’s okay to just be quiet  especially when a person is grieving, your presence alone is enough to tell them how much you care.

3. When you are really pissed: Anger isn’t bad is how you handle it that makes it bad. Just take your time and calm down till you can make sense of your situation and speak to the person responsible for your anger.

4. When you are bound to give too much information: There are some things that are best left unsaid. Apart from discussing with those your matter concerns, then there isn’t a need to spill to just anyone especially when the conversation is going to be an awkward one.

One of the worst things ever is getting stuck in an awkward conversationOne of the worst things ever is getting stuck in an awkward conversation

5. When you could be in trouble: It’s perfect to hold your tongue and emotions in this case especially when speaking could yield grave consequences either at work or social environment.



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