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Meet Nakku Justine, The 29-Year-Old Kenyan Lady Making Big Money From Agriculture

A young Kenyan lady blessed with beauty and brains has impressed people with her business acumen after building an empire around agriculture.

Nakku Justine

Africa as a continent suffers from a very high level of unemployment. Notwithstanding, Nakku Justine has taken responsibility for herself in her home country of Kenya, by creating a job that many look down on and she has become very successful at it.

Justine has become something of a viral sensation after she appeared on several social media pages. The 25-year-old operates her own lucrative 6 acre farm in Kenya producing dairy, cabbage, cereals, carrots and poultry.

Images of Justine working the land were swiftly shared on social media, with many marveling at the sight of a young, black woman in a field that has been regarded as tedious and unattractive.

Nakku is making the world see that there is a future in Africa’s agriculture. She is also inspiring the young generation to get creative by becoming self employed.

Nigeria and most African countries  have been blessed with a very fertile land and almost anyone can get enough land to start farming and supplying the products to those who cannot afford to buy the foreign products.
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  1. Such a talent and bright Ideas should be emulated by man people especially the youths of today.Thank you nakku for inspiring me and many more.

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