Meet the 2 entrepreneurs changing perceptions about Africa through business.

What are we doing?
We are creating an online marketplace specifically for selling African inspired home decor items. Things like cushions made from African wax print material.
I loved seeing the #theafricathemedianevershowsyou pictures and I want that movement to continue. The power to change Africa is in our hands, not just our leaders. But what are we going to do with it?
I’ve been blessed that I have lived in Nigeria and England and seen the best of both countries. I want to show people in England (and the rest of the world) the best things coming out of Africa. I’ve got some of my friends hooked on jollof rice and suya but I want to take it a step further. When people think of Africa we want them to think about the beautiful African wax print cushions they have in their living room, not ebola!
(picture is from a jollof rice giveaway I did on my uni campus)
How did you come up with this idea?
I want to build a house in Nigeria in the next few years. I was looking for items to decorate the inside and found a few different suppliers scattered on the internet making beautiful handmade items. But I wanted a single website I could go to that had all the suppliers products together in one place for easier browsing.
Who’s involved?
Pearce Jarrett and I (David Jegede-Brimson). We met while studying economics at UWE Bristol and have been close friends since then. Now we have graduated, this is what we spend our time doing.
How can people get involved in the movement?
Start by visiting our facebook page ( You can see some of the items we love on there already. We’re working on a website and we’ll announce on our FB page when it’s live.

We’re also looking for suppliers for items for the online store. If you’re great at making products but want help increasing sales then get in touch with us. We’d love to have suppliers from all over Africa. This will be powerful in providing jobs for people.
Who else is involved in the movement?
I love Fuse ODG and his TINA (This is New Africa) movement. Our mindset is similar to his. Jekkah ( also make great clothing from African print material. Tesco now stock a variety of flavours of chinchin from a company called Love ChinChin ( Tribal Ties ( is also another business I’m involved with that makes ties from African print material. Through all of this people are learning more about the great things coming out of Africa. We need more!

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