Meet Tanzanian Pastor Whose Legs Must Not Touch The Ground While He Ministers

A facebook user posted this online. It’s a story of a pastor in Tanzania whose legs must not touch the ground while he minister on the pulpit. So, about three brothers in the church would have to kneel on the ground with their shoulders touching while the pastor would be mounted on their back preaching. The brothers would carry him on their back one after the other until the service ends.

This is very hilarious!! Lol! This clearly is not Christianity. There is no portion of the Bible where it is recorded that the disciples of Jesus Christ had to carry him on their back while he preaches. This is another example of signs of the end time.

See photos below…





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  1. How stupid are people?

    Pastor now-a-days are simple looking for new gimmicks to make people think they are high and might.
    Can you blame people, haven’t they been lied to for 00’s of years.hence why the world is in a mess today.
    Life as moved on since Jesus was here, even then there are big arguments about how true the story is, certainly nobody can agree on the actual date.
    People in the early years didn’t read like wise today many Africans do not read what is happening in the outside world. wrapped in a time void. Pastor are jumping on the band wagon.
    People should simple walk away from these pastors.
    Remember, even if you do not go to church, and you live your own life, we all know what’s right and wrong, GOD will still love you just the same.

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