Meet the S*xiest Dwarf Alive Who Says He is Single and Searching

Ismail Lanaani, a hipster dwarf has told how lifting weights and posting sexy photos of himself online has earned him an army of female admirers.
As a teen, 4’2″ Ismail Lanaani was cruelly taunted. Bullies dubbed him the “Midget of the Sahara” and told him he would never get a girlfriend.
But now, the fashion conscious 27-year-old who spends four-and-a-half hours at the gym every day said women love his ripped muscles and have dubbed him “the sexiest dwarf alive”
He now receives daily comments from his legion of fans and has found the confidence to hit back at his tormentors.
“I’ve been called the Midget of Sahara and told I’ll never get a girlfriend because of my height, but I can deal with what people say,” he said.
“I can stand up for myself. I know women fancy me. They say they like my muscles, my style and my beard.”
Ismail was born with dwarfism , and is the only one in his family with the condition. He told of how, initially, doctors warned his parents that he may never walk.
But he defied the odds, taking his first steps at 14 months old – a moment which made his mum cry with happiness.
Now, currently unemployed, Ismail goes to the gym three times a week to stay in shape and posts photos of his body, post work-out, online.
He said: “I go to the gym to keep healthy and because I want a sexy body.  I post photos on Instagram to express myself and get women saying they like my muscles.
“Posting photos of myself could help others with dwarfism feel good about themselves. People with dwarfism should be represented in society and seen more, like as models.
“If the chance came up to be a model I would accept it. I love fashion, especially American styles.”
Ismail, who can speak Arabic, English and French, also said that, although people say he’ll be single forever because of his stature, he is determined to find love.
He would even consider moving overseas for the one.
“I’m single at the moment and I’ve never had a girlfriend,” he said.“We have a lot of dating apps here that I could go on, but I’m not on any.
“I think a lot of people think I’m Casanova and I’m in a lot of sexual relationships but it’s not true. I’ve only had one sexual partner.
“I would like to get married though, and I talk to girls in Europe and America. Maybe one day I could move to America for a better future, to get married and have a family.
“I’m looking for a girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles.Outside of the gym, one of Ismail’s other major passions is going to nightclubs to dance with his friends.”
However, he sadly finds himself the recipient of yet more negative attention when he goes out.
He said; “People laugh like crazy when they see me and take photos of me. If I’m happy I don’t care, but when I’m angry I don’t like it.
“If they keep looking at me, it annoys me. But I am strong and I just shout back at them.”I’m confident. I think they’re just jealous.
“People are jealous because they know good things come in small packages.”
– Mirror Online

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