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Meet the ‘Superman’ Who Can Easily Pull an Aeroplane With His Ears

Johnny Strange pulled an aeroplane for 20.4 metres with his ears
The man called Johnny Strange is living up to his last name because he’s just entered the record books for pulling a huge Aeroplane with his ears.
Johnny, 26, used chains through pierced holes in his ears to drag a Cessna 172-P weighing 677.8kg for 20.4 metres at North Weald Airfield, Essex.
No wonder he’s been dubbed ‘The man with the ears of steel’.
He’ll appear in the 2016 Guinness Book of Records, released tomorrow.
But being featured in the book is nothing new for Johnny, an escapologist and sideshow performer who now has eight Guinness World Records to his name.
He said: “I started off at the age of ten in Blackburn, Lancashire.
“At first I juggled balls, then clubs and went on to knives, fire sticks and now its chainsaws.
“Preparing for the plane pull was tough. I’m not going into detail but I have to stretch my ears and create tough scar tissue so they don’t rip.

“I am always delighted when I get another Guinness World Record and being featured in the book never gets old for me, the only problem is I’m starting to run out of places to hang up my certificates now.
“I’m a believer of the impossible, I’ve always been interested in the unusual and the bizarre.
“It’s the obscure things that skew the perception of normality that really fascinate me.”
Simon Lowman, of The North Weald Flying Group, said: “In all my years flying I have seen some extraordinary things but I have never seen an aeroplane moved like that.
“I am surprised he didn’t rip his ears off.
“These planes aren’t easy to move at the best of times with the engine running.
“I was fully expecting to have to get the super glue out afterwards to stick his ears back on.”

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