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Meet Souleymane Mboup, The Black Doctor Who Discovered The Second Strain Of HIV!!

He holds a doctorate in Bacteriology Virology and Pharmacy. Professor Souleymane Mboup is a Senegalese scientist who has discovered HIV-2 (human immunodeficiency virus 2, ed.).

This is the story of several years of research, together with several other researchers. In the mid-1980s, Professor Mboup, then a teacher at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, brought samples of blood from Senegalese prostitutes to the United States. The studies of the Senegalese scientist had indeed revealed that their blood could have been infected by a new virus similar to that of AIDS. Phyllis Kanki, associate professor of Pathobiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, succeeded in isolating this new HIV viral strain from these samples from Senegal.


Yet it was not until 1994, after an eight-year study on Senegalese prostitutes carrying the virus called HIV-2, that Professor Mboup came to determine the characteristics of the new strain. HIV-2 is less virulent and less transmissible than HIV-1 isolated by Luc Montagnier in 1983. In addition, Professor Mboup’s work has significantly reduced the costs of screening HIV-1 viral infections and Of HIV-2, from 25 dollars (14,000 FCFA) to about $ 0.30 (175 CFA francs) in Senegal. This has helped to reduce the rate of HIV infection in his country.

In Africa, about 6,800 people are infected and 5,700 die of AIDS every day, according to World Health Organization (WHO) statistics released in 2013.


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