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Meet Souleymane, A Young Guinean Who Earns An Executive Salary With His Small Business

Souleymane is a young Guinean who has his small business in the residential area of ​​Point E. He has been selling fruit for 4 years now and is doing well with monthly income reaching a salary of Senegalese executive.

I have left Guinea for 10 years to come and work in Senegal. I started out like most of my compatriots with the sale of candy at the Petersen market. I earned between 500 and 1500 CFA francs a day, and sometimes I sold less than 500 francs too. I lived in the Medina in a small house of three rooms and a living room with more than 35 people, most of them coming from the border countries of Senegal especially Mali and Guinea Conakry. I persevered in my job as a street vendor at the bus station Petersen until one of my uncle who owns several shops in Dakar entrusted me with one of his shops.

I lived in the Medina in a house of three rooms and a living room with more than 35 people

I spent there 3 years 7 months working hard and I was able to raise the money I needed to open my own business. That’s how I started going to Pikine’s “Syndicat” market to buy bananas, apples and other fruits that I displayed on a table, everything depended on the seasons. I moved to Grand-Yoff next to the Yacinthe Thiamdoum school. It was there that my small business was born and with a small clientele and the passengers who took this street. In 2012, I had the chance to know a gentleman to whom I had sold 4 kilograms of fresh apples. He was very nice to me and suggested to me after a long discussion to come and settle down at E Point. I told him that there was hard to find a good free place because it is a cute neighborhood. He later revealed that their fruit seller had decided to return to his native land and that the place had remained unoccupied for years. I let him know that it really interested me and that I would like to be able to discover the place that he proposed to me. I retrieved his number and I told him that I will pass inchallah to see what it was.


I can sell up to 40,000 CFA francs …

Eventually, things went fast because it was 2 days after I discovered the place with the gentleman and I settled there. And since then, Machallah, I do not regret it. My business has grown with customers who have a high purchasing power, I thank God. Per day, I can sell up to 40,000 CFA francs for profits that range between 12,500 CFAF and 15,000 CFA francs. I pay my taxes like any good seller and I have my Senegalese nationality since 2013. I am now a good Senegalese citizen (laughs). During all the time that I have done in Senegal, work has always been my hobby. I left my country to succeed and help my family who is currently in Guinea. I left my parents, my younger brothers and sisters, whom I have not seen since my departure. Ten years,

I invite the Senegalese and other young African nationals to take inspiration from the Guinean model …

It is in my predictions to bring one of my brothers, to teach him the trade. When he is well in the bath, I will go to the country to see my family and come back with a long-haired Guinean girl (laughs). I invite the Senegalese to take inspiration from the Guinean model. Everything that we Guineans do as a job, the Senegalese (African youths) can do it.


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