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Meet The Social Media Star Changing The Way We See Africa

Yagazie Emezi’s showing the world the captivating and vibrant side of Nigeria.

If you don’t know who Yagazie Emezi is, it’s time to catch up — she’s on the verge of blowing up.

The social media star is making it her personal mission to change the way people think about modern Africa. But perhaps what’s so interesting about Emezi is that her ability to tell compelling, engaging stories is just the tip of the iceberg.

When I first met Yagazie Emezi a few years ago, the most striking thing about her wasn’t her big, glorious afro, or her effortless style — it was her voice. Deep, melodic, a pleasing blend of Nigeria (where she was born) with hints of the Southwest (she spent her adolescence in New Mexico). But it wasn’t just the sound of her voice, but the way she uses it to tell stories. Her tone is playful and earnest, intimate — she’s a pro at the dramatic pause.

It’s not surprising. When you ask Emezi what most inspires her, the answer is quick and definitive: “Stories, stories, stories… No filters, no staging, just the raw truth.”

You can witness Emezi’s uncanny knack for telling raw, unfiltered stories in her many vlogs on YouTube, where she has open and honest confessionals about everything from grappling with bulimia, to being an introvert, to the fetishization of interracial couples.

No topic is off limits, even uncomfortable ones. In the video below, Emezi candidly discusses her struggles with social anxiety in the very social world of Lagos.

Over the last five years, the 26-year-old Nigerian has carved out a fascinating space for herself in the social media landscape. With over 14,000 followers on Youtube, over 68,000 followers on Instagram and thousands of more followers on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter — Emezi has built a loyal and deeply engaged following through her visual storytelling.


Emezi was born and raised in Aba, Nigeria, and left for the United States at the age of 16. A student of Cultural Anthropology and African Studies the University of New Mexico, she first began to explore the world of blogging and vlogging in 2011. Through her blogging came a deep love of photography, and in 2014, she left the United States to return to Lagos with one goal in mind: To document life in Nigeria as it truly is.



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