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Meet Sheila Johnson, The Second Wealthiest Black Female in America

Meet Sheila Johnson she built Salamander Resort and Spa located in the mountains in Virginia. She also owns four other Salamander Resorts, three in Florida and one in North Carolina. Yes that’s right, a black owned resort and spa.

Sheila Johnson is the co-founder of BET and CEO of Salamander Resort and Spa. Her resume is pretty impressive, she’s part owner of three professional sport teams, the Washington Capitals (NHL), the Washington Wizards (NBA) and the Washington Mystics (WNBA) and is the second wealthiest black female in the United States.


Johnson is an ambitious and hardworking entrepreneur who believes her success is due to her failures. Her brand is about excellence, perseverance and courage, that’s what the salamander is about.

When you chop off one of its limb and it will regenerate, never stopping because of an obstacle but pushing through until she gets what she came for. She is not afraid of failure it only brings on more success.

Two things she learned on her journey to success is to trust your instincts and not to bring the wrong people into your environment. When a woman with a resume this impressive decides gives you some advice take heed. The difference between those that succeeded and those that failed is those that succeeded never gave up.


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