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Meet Salma al-Majidi, the First Arab and Sudanese Woman to Coach a Men’s Football Team

Salma al-Majidi, acknowledged by FIFA as the first Arab and Sudanese woman to lead a team of football men. If the creation of a national women’s football team in Sudan is a utopia, this young woman has reversed the trend.

It is in a jogging, long-sleeved and veiled that this young woman said ” Why football? Because it’s my first and last love . ” I became coach because there is still no room for women’s football in Sudan, ” adds the one who is nicknamed “Sister coach” by his team.


It is at the age of 16 that Salma falls in love with football. A full-time football coach, Miss al-Majidi is paid just like any coach. In 2015, she was part of the BBC list of 100 women who inspire. She has already coached the Al-Nasr, Al-Nahda, Nile Halfa and Al-Mourada second league clubs.


Sudan has been a country governed by Islamic law since 1983. Although the law does not prohibit the sport sector for women, it is less obvious to them. ” Sudan is a community of tribes, some of whom believe that a woman should stay at home, ” said the coach who holds a university degree in accounting and management.

” My message to men in general is to give a chance to women to do what they want,” says Salma. Raised in a conservative family, she had a hard time being accepted by her family, says her father, Mohamed al-Majidi. ” Then one day, her uncle who used to criticize saw the crowds sing ‘Salma! Salma! ‘ during a match, “he says.


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