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Meet Ryan, The Only African American Who Swears By Donald Trump!!

Ryan Gilchrist is a singular barber-barber, at least in the African-American community. But he confided it without too much hesitation. His favorite for the election is Donald Trump. What immediately attracted her? The fact that the Republican is a wealthy businessman.

That is what many Americans like. “He built buildings, golf courses, says Ryan. He made so as a businessman. Some say he experienced many failures but how could he have failed if billionaire?”

The macho side of turbulent billionaire Ryan sweeps a mower blow: “Women are different today than they were years ago, he argues, women work, they are educated , They are totally different and they want to be on the same ring as men and do what men do! “

. And when reminded of alleged acquaintances of billionaire with white supremacists and the support provided by the Ku Klux Klan, Ryan did not change my mind, “Okay, there are some who say: he wants to make his greatness to America but only for them, not for us, says Ryan. for white? no, I do not believe at all. I believe in the domino effect. the rich earn a lot of money on top! It’ll run off to others. this is what happens! the CEOs, bosses earn much money and after everyone benefits. You do not keep everything for us. we must redistribute. this cascade effect works!

“Much smarter than you say”


Disappointed by Obama, Ryan is also not agree with those who believe that Trump is a buffoon: “j e think Donald Trump is smarter than what is said of him this man changed the temperature. throughout the country, around the world. Let us strength to America. Let his greatness to America. This is what I believe.

Under the lawn mower, the customer, Afro-American, too, does not say much. But when asked if she agrees with her favorite hairdresser, she did not hesitate for a second: “No one, my vote will not go to Mr. Trump, I absolutely not vote for Hillary Clinton.”.

Ryan Gilchrist appears as an exception in his neighborhood and he is proud: “Absolutely, I am ridiculous, they call me all the names … The other day I had my shirt” Trump “, people called me crazy. But you know Dude, you gotta be strong. if you really want something different, you have to do things differently. And daring to say. “the time of our visit, the Ryan lounge Transformed into a platform of political debate.Carl, another loyal customer, calls out: “I would like to talk politics Because when you’re done talking about the history of e-mails, are more than the empty … He n has nothing against Hillary Clinton.

The debate is lively but always very courteous. Carl explains: “America is already high, it means nothing that slogan Me, I’m not a slogan of man But you see, Ryan, is a friend, he cuts my hair, he has his razor blade on.. my throat … and we do not agree but we have the right not to agree. it is also that America. “This election anyway animates the minds and conversations. It also splits the United States into two distinct clans.


Written by How Africa

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