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Meet Rojda Felat, The Female Soldier Leading The Syria’s Army Against ISIS

The jihadists, who led over expansive parts of Syria and Iraq for over three years, completed the most noticeably awful monstrosities against ladies, they made them slaves and machines intended to fulfill their each want. One of the most noticeably awful wrongdoings executed by the ultra-rough jihadist was the genocide against the Yazidi minority in northern Iraq where IS seize and subjugate a great many ladies and young ladies.

Felat, who as indicated by individual SDF officers is 37 years of age, accepted general order of the primary period of the Raqa operation. Charge of later stages was then imparted to others, including another YPJ female officer.

Her photo celebrating the capture of Raqa almost broke the Internet, but Rojda Felat is more than a poster girl of Syria’s fight against the Islamic State.

She commanded thousands of fighters who clinched a defining victory against jihadists. This is her story.

IS' nemesis

Plaited black hair covered by a black-and-white keffiyeh, Felat is an unmistakeable figure on Syria’s northern battlefields.

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Photos of her settling the Syrian Democratic Forces’ yellow banner on a notorious movement circle where the Islamic State aggregate used to do open executions were shown to the the world last Tuesday.

The Syrian Kurdish radical gathering she has a place with shapes the foundation of the SDF, which struggled for more than four months to catch Raqa.

The YPG prides itself on its promotion of gender equality and includes many women among its commanders. As a top commander in its female branch — the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) — Felat rose through the ranks and found herself commanding one of the biggest operations ever against IS.


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