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Meet Rafiatou Karimou, the Beninese First Female Minister to Have a Street Named After Her

The first female minister in the Republic of Benin has just been honoured. She now has a street that bears her name. Baptized “El Hadja Rafiatou Karimou” street, it was inaugurated during a ceremony that saw the participation of the first authorities of the locality including the Mayor of the Municipality of Savè, Pierre Ayéladé Adéchi.

Also present is the Minister of Nursery and Primary Education, Salimane Karimou, the former Mayor of Sakété Raliou Arinloye, a delegation of the office of the National Association of Former Parliamentarians of Benin led by Timothée Adanlin, executives of the public administration having served under the tutelage of the former member of the government.


The happy elected is former MP and former Minister of Public Health. Shortly after, she was appointed head of the department of maternal and primary education in the government of General Mathieu Kérékou. Rafiatou Karimou also held the position of President of the Awakening Front for Democracy (EDF).

She will stand out as one of the most active in the daily struggle for the struggle for the emancipation of the fairer sex.

Deceased Paris on January 4, 2018, this great militant of the revolution, led a real struggle of combatant in a milieu dominated at the time by men.

“When you’re a woman, you do not have to go into politics to applaud or cook at big gatherings or big meetings and the like,” she used to say to her sisters who listened to him.

From now on, these words will reason in the minds of the passers-by of the street that bears his name.


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