Meet Prem Thakur, The 19-Year-Old Boy Who Learned How To Build A Car From Scratch In 4 Months With The Help Of Youtube!!

Prem Thakur is the latest whiz kid from India. The 19-year-old is making headlines for building a car on his own from scratch.

Prem Thakur is a resident of Kharghar, a suburb in the town of Mumbai Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai), India.

“I have built this buggy from scratch, using an old sedan’s engine,” he tells Amol Lalzare, the correspondent from Video Volunteers who first reported this story.


Prem, who is a commerce student, had no prior knowledge of engineering. Not limiting his ability to his knowledge, he sought the help of the internet, Youtube, to be precise in learning how to build a car.

19-Year-Old Prem Thakur Uses Youtube To Build A Car From Scratch

The Youtube tutorials proved quite effective as Prem was able to assemble the buggy in four months.

“In four months time, I wielded the car from the chassis up and painted it all by myself,” he proudly said. The Buggy also possesses cool features from side-blinkers to a music system with USB port.

Although Prem seems to have done most of the hard work, the 19-year-old received incredible support from his family. This was able to happen despite the financial background of his family.


Prem’s father is a rickshaw driver earning a daily income of Rs. 500-600 ($ 7 – $9). Despite this, Prem has always had a supporter in his father.

19-Year-Old Prem Thakur Uses Youtube To Build A Car From Scratch

He said:

“My father got me a computer when I was 12. Since then I have used the internet to learn all sorts of things, including a Buggy Car,

“Had it not been my family and the internet connection, I couldn’t possibly have built this car.”

Prem admitted that his family, including his grandmother, were able to raise Rs. 2.5 lakh ($ 3800 approx.) to help him build the buggy.

Prem has plans to become an automobile engineer one day, as well as get his car on a race track.


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