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Meet Patrick Ngowi; One of the 10 Young African Millionaires to Follow

Patrick Ngowi has a particularly exceptional story. While he saw no horizon for his future, this Tanzanian decided to take the path of business at just 19 years old. For example, Patrick Ngowi was selling mobile phones made in China at the time. A difficult start but that will show him the path of success so much hoped for.

After years of managing his life, he now owns one of the most successful solar energy companies in East Africa – Helvetic Solar Contractors. For this launch, he received a loan of 1800 US dollars contracted at home. Relatives who will also be decisive in the rest of his career because they will help him to go to China.

In Asia, the young Ngowi expanded his circle and established contacts for partnerships in the field of energy. Four years ago, his company’s turnover exceeded $ 5 million and the company was valued (in 2014) by KPMG East Africa at $ 15 million.


Patrick’s success goes beyond his native Tanzania. The magazine, Forbes now presents him as one of the “10 young African millionaires to follow”. A term that says a lot about the financial weight of this child from poor neighborhoods. If he is so successful, Patrick Ngowi does not forget his situation in the past, a situation of precariousness in which today lives some of his compatriots.

That’s why he chose to create his foundation called ‘Light for Life’ . It is committed to providing renewable energy to communities. A real boost in a country where the coverage of electricity is not great.

His company Helvetic Solar Contractors has already installed more than 6,000 small rooftop solar systems in Tanzania. The homes of his country are not the only beneficiaries, the remote corners of other East African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi benefit from his initiative.


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