Meet Pako, The Midget Who Dines With Emmanuel Adebayor

Many of you who have been following Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor, General SEA!!! Might be wondering who is Pako, who he is very fond of, and keeps appearing on his Snapchat handle.


Many a times, The Togolese striker has referred to Pako as his Elder brother, Twinnie, Partner in crime. Many of his followers were also thinking that Pako should one of his staffs, or home keepers to be particular.


He however has cleared all that in a Snapchat video, Adebayor says he met Pako on the street. He took him into his home, bought him clothes, got him back in school and now Pako lives at his house. He’s constantly featured on the channel as Ade’s sidekick. We can only hope that he continues to make appearances in the future, especially now that Adebayor has been signed back to a club. See more photos below.

Source: Star Tells


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